About US

Experience is a master teacher, even when it's not our own

Squaroid, focuses on young architects and budding firms, providing them with an architecture based platform. From competitions to rendering services, we provide it all. We created an apt platform, that comes up with architectural competitions, thesis, workshops, rendering services and design studio.

Exploration is curiosity put into action

Squariod desire to regale the inquisitiveness of the forthcoming learners. We aspire to inspire, making a difference by informing and recreating. Inducing a platform to exhibit the finest of qualities and initiate interactive learning. With this aim in mind, we look forward to the journey of young architects and firms to step as confident individuals with significant resources.

Ar. Satyam Kumawat

Co Founder, Squariod

Ar. Dikshant Sharma

Co Founder, Squariod

Ar. Mahendra Bharti

Co Founder, Squariod