Squaroid launches its second design competition: Reverence. An open call for students and professionals from architecture and allied fields to propose designs of memorial structure(s) emblematic of the heroic efforts of our frontline warriors.

In the wake of the deadly pandemic, we humans have unearthed an unrequited dose of compassion. A dose that fuelled thousands of selfless warriors to help save humanity from this crisis. A year later, our frontline warriors continue battling on, putting themselves and their loved ones in danger to protect us.

Squaroid brings you a chance to manifest your reverence for these tireless efforts of our frontline soldiers into a memorial structure. Showcase your design skills to immortalize the sacrifice that they have shown in the face of tragedy. The competition invites proposals from all students and professionals of the architecture fraternity and its allied fields. Participants are invited to emote through their designs and commemorate the enduring strength, efforts, and sacrifices of these warriors for posterity.

Find all the details and competition brief here.

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